Many thanks for your great work in selling our house. We certainly did not expect an agent to go to the trouble that you have done. This is really appreciated and if we can repay you in any way, we would be delighted to do so.
Jim and Maree

I would like to place on record my appreciation for the manner in which Bayleys have handled our house sale at 78 Kiteone Road and the speed in which a satisfactory sale has been reached. This has been accomplished in a sales climate where numerous properties are on the market in the area, many of which on the market for long periods of time without selling. Jude Copland has handled all stages of the sale transaction in a most professional manner. It has been a most pleasing experience working with Jude and I believe it was her experience, professionalism and determination that has guided the sale to its speedy conclusion. Thank you once again.
Kind regards,
Alan Gower

Jude's communication was great and she kept me up to date with all developments in the purchasing process. She also talked me through the stages of purchasing prior to putting in an offer which I appreciated.
Phillipa Corby

We wanted to share with you how amazing our experience was with Jude Copland while searching for homes. As new immigrants, we were daunted by the differences in real estate practice between the U.S. and N.Z. After checking out one of Jude's listings, she contacted us and kindly offered to assist us in our house search; she was the ONLY real estate agent out of the many homes that we viewed that did any type of follow up, let alone take us on with the possibility she might not be guaranteed a commission. Jude's knowledge of the Northland was invaluable in our search. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the communities, regulations, and the general ins and outs of areas. Jude has proven to be an excellent resource when needing other services regarding home buying as well. We can't express how at ease we were, knowing that she had such an intimate knowledge of the Whangarei area. Ever patient, Jude was nothing but positive and supportive while we continued to look at home after home in search of the perfect home for us. Jude's mantra was, "When you find the right home, everything will fall into place and it will feel effortless." She was absolutely right. We tried to force ourselves to buy a home that, based on the inspections, wasn't right for us. Almost immediately thereafter, we were led to another great home in the same community and all our needs were addressed, even with a neighbour to let us graze our horses, therefore we aren't 100% responsible for maintaining a large acreage; definitely "the right thing" for these city slickers. We would highly recommend Jude's services to anyone searching for a home. We believe she has the skills and knowledge to serve a special niche: immigrants. If all NZ realtors functioned with the same prototype Jude functions with. we may have bought much earlier and our paths never crossed with Jude. On the other hand, had we not met Jude, we would likely have become frustrated with the process and taken a lengthy break rather than typing to you from our beautiful new home. Jude's effervescent personality, endless energy, creative problem solving, resourcefulness, excellent organizational skills and follow-through allowed us to never have a doubt that we were absolutely in the right hands. We so appreciate Jude's ability to think "out of the box" and provide our unique realty services that addressed home hunting in a way we understood. Best of luck to Jude in what is sure to be a very successful future at Bayleys!

Becky and Stephen Jennison

We found Jude to be very professional & pleasant to deal with. She explained very clearly & in plain English the procedure & requirements we had to do. Also she kept us informed & up to date of everything concerning the sale of our house. From start to finish of our sale, we found Jude to be very easy to deal with & felt she was genuine, enthusiastic, self - driven & would have no hesitation in recommending Jude to anyone who needs a real estate agent. We thank Jude for all she has done for us & wish her well for the future
Leigh & Shelley McTaggart

As you will know, our property has been sold, at a price we are happy with, and settlement conditions we had hoped for.
Jude Copland handled the whole process with enthusiasm, empathy and accuracy.
We enjoyed Jude's personality at all times and feel that she played a significant role in the success of what could have been a very stressful procedure.
We extend our thanks to Jude and the company.
Margaret and Tony Taylor